Kashmiriyat Review (Short Film): Old Wine Into Old Wineskins!
Kashmiriyat Review (Short Film): Old Wine Into Old Wineskins! (Photo Credit: Youtube/WildBuffaloesent)

Kashmiriyat Review (Short Film): Veteran actress Zarina Wahab plays the role of Muneera Anwar in this short film directed by Divyansh Pandit. Clocked at around 25 minutes, the film starts by showing the Indian army attacking a house in Jammu & Kashmir’s Baramulla.

Director Divyansh Pandit takes the initial few minutes to register the tension between India and Pakistan. He does that by showing the army firing, followed by a flashback of a person planning to bomb and kill people from the army.


The house that’s been attacked in the beginning belongs to Liyaqat (Naveen Pandita). Using the flashback, Divyansh takes us to the point why Liyaqat’s house is on the Indian army’s hit-list. Altaf (Anshul Trivedi) reaches Altaf’s house where he has a bomb ready for a mission. The trigger of the bomb is protected by the password of Liyaqat’s laptop. The mission they’re planning gets exposed and Liyaqat’s mother Muneera gets involved in the chaos. The story is about how Muneera tries to explain to his son how humanity is over everything.

This short film is a déjà vu of all the films/shows/shorts we’ve seen around the subject of Kashmir. It adds nothing new but follows the similar template as attempted by many before. It’s flawed at the script level which weakens the emotional connect that should’ve been the core of it. Because it’s a short film, the conflict in the script is never established to strengthen the intrigue of the audience.

Sarfaraz Ali Hasan Khan’s camerawork is pretty smooth which works contrastingly well with the chaos happening on screen. Zarina Wahab is at her casual-best as Muneera. More than physical acting, it’s her dialogue delivery that shines bright in this one. You’ll know why I’m saying so when you watch it. Both Naveen Pandita and Anshul Trivedi deliver a decent performance. They cross the lines to ham at times, but overall they stay under the line of control.

All said and done, though Kashmiriyat has a solid packaging about a subject which is now debated for years, it packs content which is already out in many ways. It lacks novelty value and keeps floating in the sea of mediocrity despite Zarina Wahab’s strong support.

Rating: Two Stars!

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