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Defending Jacob FINALE Review: The Ending Of Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery & Jaeden Martell’s Show Will Shake You!

The final episode of Defending Jacob released today. Starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell in the lead roles, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and thrill for 2 months. After the shocking twists in episode 7 ‘Job’, all of us have been eagerly waiting to know what’s going to happen next. Did Leonard Patz kill Ben? Is Jacob innocent? Many such questions have been lingering on the minds of people who’ve been watching this series.

If you are yet to watch the 8th episode, don’t read the review as it contains some spoilers. The final episode of Defending Jacob was titled as ‘After’ indicating the life after Patz’s confession and Jacob’s trial. When Leonard Patz confesses about killing Ben, he commits suicide. The court declares Jacob innocent and the case is closed. Andy and Laurie are relieved to know that their son didn’t kill Ben. But Ben’s father refuses to believe it.

After the trial, Ben’s father almost attacks Jacob. He still thinks that Jacob killed his son.. Jacob is saved by the man who’s been spying on the Barber family. It turns out that the man was keeping an eye on them under Andy’s father Billy Barber’s instruction. However, 20 mins into the episode and we find out that Patz never killed Ben. It was the friend of Andy’s father who forced Patz to write the confession and also killed him. Chris Evans’character is shattered as he learns the truth.

Just like Andy, as a viewer of Defending Jacob, we start to doubt again whether Jacob really killed Ben or not. Andy knows how tensed Laurie has been earlier, so he decides not to tell her anything. The Barbers go for a Christmas and New Year holiday in Mexico. Jacob becomes friend with a girl named Hope in the hotel they’re staying. The two decide to go for New Year’s party near the hotel. However, Jacob returns home early and tells his parents that Hope and he had a fight. So he left the party quite early.

Next day, cops come to the hotel and suspect Jacob as Hope goes missing. The same night, drunk Andy tells Laurie about Patz’s murder. Laurie again starts to think that Jacob might have actually killed Ben and now Hope. But the next day, police finds Hope. What happens to her? You’ll have to find out yourself.

Even though Hope is alive, Laurie can’t stop suspecting Jacob. She believes that he killed Ben and remains distant from him as well as Andy. In order to make Jacob confess that he committed the murder, Laurie does something unexpected. Those who read the book know it was going to happen, but the ones who are watching the show directly will be appalled.

We also find out that in present-day, Neal wasn’t asking questions to Andy in the court to prove Jacob guilty. So what was all that interrogation about? You’ll be surprised know. The 7th Episode of Defending Jacob will always remain my favourite. But the finale did astonish me with that ending. The makers smartly built an interesting arc for the last episode.

Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell have given impeccable performances as Andy, Laurie and Jacob. The writing managed to keep the viewers hooked in every episode and curious about the next one. The ending is completely different than the book, but it’s mind-blowing. It’s heavy on emotions and hits hard as it’s the matter of family.

While you get most of your answers in the last episode, some are unanswered. As a viewer, we are allowed to use our imagination and it is left up to us about what we think of the characters in Defending Jacob.

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