The boy who just wouldn’t stop eating!

Aloo Parathas, burgers, pizzas, ghee, wafers, more parathas, one more burger, another slice of pizza, and some brownies and chocolates to wash it all down – meet Arun Singh, a discus throwing, paratha consuming all-Delhi boy. Arun’s parents are fed up, they need a Big Switch.

UTV Bindass - Big Switch 2 Episode 6

So Arun’s parents get Sushant – twice the size with twice the appetite, and such demands. He eats them out of house and home, chomping constantly, even gets their goat and a live chicken – brings them home cos he’s hungry enough to eat a horse. Arun’s parents are beaten, they just want their son back, and will now feed him all the parathas and pizzas he wants.

UTV Bindass - Big Switch 2 Episode 6

Arun, on the other hand, gets new, ultra-cool parents who shower him with lots of love and affection and food, and a little more food, and did I mention food! Arun’s new mom makes him nibble, munch, hog, ingest and chew almost every waking minute, so much so that he can’t stop licking his lips even while he’s asleep. And then it all starts to get too much…The miracle happens. Arun is unable to eat another bite. Mom cajoles, he refuses, she insists, he whines, she forces, and he loses it and begins to scream that they’re trying to kill him with too much food. He wants his real mommy back!

And so, the Big Switch ends with both parts of the family racing back to each others plates and arms, and Ajay Devgan ties it all up very nicely for us in this episode, after laughing wholeheartedly at the antics of this foodstruck family as part of his promotions for the film Toonpur ka Superrhero.

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