UTV Bindass - 'Big Switch 2'

Pooja & Junaki are two sisters with attitude style of their own and they do whatever they want…. or do they?

Well, there are 2 problems in their lives and that’s their father and their mother, and that’s the reason they need the Bindass ‘Big Switch’!

Problem Area:

Pooja and Junaki are troubled about their parents interfering too much into their lives, and want to live a very free life. Major arguments happen when both girls want to go for late night parties and want to wear ultra modern clothes. They also want their parents to let them choose alternative careers what they really want to do.

UTV Bindass 'Big Switch 2' Episode 2 Still

Parents have given up on both daughters… well almost!! They really wish their daughters were more traditional and helped their mom at home sometimes. Moreover their parents want Pooja to get over with their engineering and then make a career in the services.

1st Switch

Replacement parents enter the Godhekar house after getting a briefing from the parents the previous day on how to best deal with the daughters. As they enter the house they see the Pizza boy. The father happily gobbles the pizza leaving the daughters surprised and irritated. The replacement parents notice that the house was kept dirty and things lying on the floor. They tell the daughters to clean it. At this the daughters get irritated again and tell the parents that they will not clean the house. Parents then tell the girls they would not get lunch if they did not clean up. Daughters go and lock themselves in their room… Hungry. Parents take a further step and confiscate their phones and irritate the daughters to hell. After a while frustration level goes for a toss and Junaki goes to the drawing room and throws out all the stuff from the mother’s hand bag. The mother then forces daughters to clean up the room and in turn goes to their room and messes it up. Then the daughters decide to irritate the parents to the core. They start listening to music with high volume. To add to it, they take a can of beer from the fridge and both sisters enjoy sips of beer. Seeing this the mother gets angry and gets into an argument with them, which resulted in the daughters pouring the left over beer in the can on the mother and they start to abuse the mother. Father who was a little quiet till now gets furious and in an angry mood runs to where the daughters and starts to punch the door and wall to vent out his anger. Seeing this new avatar of the father the girls get really scared and hide in the PCR.

UTV Bindass 'Big Switch 2' Episode 2 Still

Next morning the mother goes to the daughters’ room with tea and the father follows. The family now talks about the argument and the violence the previous night and try to explain their behaviors. The daughters talk nicely to the parents in front of them, but make fun of them behind their backs. Then in the end the daughters couldn’t stay without trying to irritate the parents and the again start misbehaving with the mother, which makes the father angry again. He gets up and kicks the kitchen drawers and seeing this the daughters again run into the PCR.. scared!! The parents are fed up of the daughters and quit.

2nd switch

Replacement kid is a daughter. She meets Pooja and Junaki before entering the Ghodekar house. The kid starts with normal interaction with the parents till she starts feeling hungry and asks for a cereal breakfast, at this the father goes to the market to buy cornflakes. After breakfast the kid taught some aerobics steps to the father and spends more time with the father, which irritated the mother a bit. Then after chatting for a bit the kid demands for a specific lunch. Mom prepares lunch in heat while the daughter chats up with dad. Dad checks out the daughter making the mother a little irritated but still she doesn’t react. The food is prepared finally, but is not very tasty. Stuti, the kid, tries to irritate the parents in different ways but they don’t react. In the evening she tries teaching father a few songs and makes him sing. The mother also joins. But things go wrong when Stuti starts to sing songs with explicit lyrics. The parents could not bear this and they quit.

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