Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta

From Aatish to Shootout At Wadala, Sanjay Gupta has had a flurry of action films, some of which worked wonders while others simply fizzled out.

But with Shoootout At Wadala packing in the punch, lets see what he has to say.

You have always made action oriented dramas, but Shootout at Wadala had a realistic tinge to it. How different was it for you to portray the same genre this time?
The film is a non-fiction film. It is based on Bombay’s time history. It is also a period film where a period has been created in the 70s and 80s. So that sets it apart.

The film opened to a positive response from the critics, which is a welcome change from what your previous films were receiving. What would be your take on that?
Yes, I read all the reviews and I was overwhelmed because they were mostly positive to the film. It was really fantastic and I liked what everyone had to say. Even the ones who had not liked the film, I am quite okay with that. We will make something which has even more potential than this sometime soon.

The appreciation for you as a director came very late. With Manya Surve working the magic, how does it make you feel?
Nobody sets out to make a flop film when you start filming. Everyone wants their film to work really well. Some films work, some films don’t! But the point is to keep moving on, putting aside all failures. If your film doesn’t work, you got to work harder. And if your films do well, you have to work even harder so that the next film matches up to the expectations.

What are you busy with in the upcoming year?
I don’t have anything to make an announcement of yet! I am still getting out of Shootout and I haven’t thought about anything as of now. Once I am out of it, I will figure out what to do next.

Knowing that the average occupancy for SAW has been very high and it has become the third highest opener of 2013, what kind of an opening figure are you expecting the film to rake in?
I do not ever get involved in figures and numbers. I don’t look at it that way. Yes, commerce is very important but the fact that we have received a positive critical response along with audience cheers, that is good enough for me. Shootout at Wadala is a film which cannot be clustered within a number range. People are enjoying the film and that is the best gift I would have asked for.

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