Star Rating:  2.5/5 (Two and half Star)

If one has followed the popular rock scenario in India it is hard to miss the indigenous band Route 3. Vipin Sharma who quickly took to fame as the band’s lead vocalist has structured the music of this album along with Amartya Raut. The album is ensemble of average music mostly but intends to leave by a hard hitting impression on its audiences, which it somehow manages to attain successfully. There is no enthralling piece in the album witht most of its melody alternates to repeat itself. A venture of the YRF films, the music evokes a tinge of disappointment as it doesn’t have an ounce of the brand’s overwhelming appeal.

Sasheh Aagha and Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb Movie Stills
Sasheh Aagha and Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb Movie Stills

Barbadiyaan – Aurangzeb Music Review

Sung by Sasheh Agha and Ram Sampath, the song has a brilliant techno base feel to it. Sasheh, coming from the true blue blooded family, kept true to her vivid legacy. The club track that it is, has a western feel to it and will make it to the hit club numbers of the year!

Jigra Fakira – Aurangzeb Music Review

Soft rock song, it has the main flaw of having indecipherable Punjabi lyrics. Bollywood can easily be renamed as the Punjabi film industry now! While I personally love the language itself, it would be more meaningful if the lyrics are in Hindi. Taking myriad cues and instances from Sufi culture, the song tends to replicate the style of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Keerthi Sagathia’s voice however is soothing which is this song’s sole USP.

Barbaadi – Aurangzeb Music Review

This song is a better version of ‘Barbadiyaan’ with K Mohan’s voice rendering a soft haunting effect. This is way more preferable than its original for the elevated octaves the song manages to attain without hammering its end product.

Aurangzeb – Aurangzeb Music Review

The film’s title track is a lesson from our history books. Talking of the austere and authoritative Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this song is a plain let down. Though Vipin Sharma’s music is effectual, it is the lyrics that make this one fail dismally! However, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman has a voice that indeed cannot fall short of anything but a good job. The rock version of the song fortifies the use of heavy instrument, hard metal background and drums, and justifies into a lucid and dynamic track. Sharma’s background has evidently come handy in the song’s creation and adds grandeur to the track. I prefer this version for its sheer passion!

The instrumental pieces convenes together three most spectacular tracks of the film. With no hocus pocus lyrics to butcher the musicals; it is these pieces which croon into leaving a more impressionable mark than the rest of the tracks that fizzle out.

The Last Word – Aurangzeb Music Review

Overall the album scrapes through to just average remarks for most of its songs barring the musicals and K. Mohan’s Barbaadi. Vipin Sharma hasn’t lost his edge despite staying away from his Route 3 circuits. He captures the gist of his best work in the flawless rock pieces the album emits. For most part, the music album of Aurangzeb is a dull show. I am going with a 2.5/5 for this one. Despite absorbing musicals, its main tracks are unfulfilling!

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