Nisha Rawal Responds To Karanvir Bohra After He Nudges Her In Lock Upp
Lock Upp Contestant Nisha Rawal Accuses Karanvir Bohra Of Touching Her Inappropriately ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

AltBalaji’s Lock Upp has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs for its theme and controversial contestant. Each day viewers witness the new drama in the reality show and in the most recent episode, Karanvir Bohra and Nisha Rawal got into a verbal spat after the actress became upset claiming Bohra touched her inappropriately.


Their matter escalated after Kangana Ranaut rearranged the teams led by Karanvir (Blue Block) and Payal Rohatgi (Orange Block). The Saubhagyavati Bhava actor who was earlier in the orange side had won beds and mattresses, which he brought to his new block. Seeing this Rawal became furious as she tried stopping the actor, but in doing so KV nudged her which didn’t go well with her.


Nisha Rawal wasn’t happy with Karanvir Bohra’s behaviour as she asked him to not push her. Later, Payal Rohatgi spoke in support of Nisha and said, “You need to make sure that he understands what he has done, and all the men in the team need to understand that they cannot push women because they are physically stronger than women. They cannot do something like this in the name of game. Please sort this out.”

To this, Karanvir Bohra said, “Sorry for nudging but please don’t play this woman card. She (Nisha) did not like it and I said sorry.” While, Nisha Rawal responded, “After that once again you came back and you were arguing and that topic was brought up again. As a friend KV, I told you and I let it go.”

Although Bohra tried to justify his stance, Rawal said, “You know that you cannot do that. You can call it a nudge, a push or whatever, it’s not cool. As soon as you touch me and if I don’t like it, you can’t do it. So, you can’t call it a nudge or justify that a nudge is not pushed or whatever it is, so you decide. If you are sorry then I am going to let it go.”

Further during their argument, Karanvir Bohra said he is genuinely sorry and he’s not justifying anything just for the sake of it. Nisha Rawal replied, “Yeah because it’s my trigger point, sh*t has happened with me. I don’t like men touching me like that. It’s quite sh***y. It’s okay. Don’t do it again. Not even casually or by mistake or unintentionally, don’t do it.”

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