BoJack Horseman To Disenchantment, 5 Animated Series On Netflix That Will Leave An Impact On You!
BoJack Horseman To Disenchantment, 5 Animated Series On Netflix That Will Leave An Impact On You!

Animated shows are usually associated with kids’ entertainment. But shows like BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty and many others don’t fall in that category. These shows are entertaining AF but they also drop hard-hitting life lessons and speak the truth.

As it’s lockdown and many people want to explore a different kind of content, we have listed down some Netflix shows. These animated series on Netflix are strictly not for kids. They speak of an apocalypse, human nature, depression and more, so one must avoid if they get triggered. But if you enjoy the genre, trust us that you won’t be disappointed. Check out the list below.

BoJack Horseman

This show has been a superhit for years. This year in January, Netflix ended the series with 6 seasons. BoJack Horseman talks about celebrity life, mental health, s*xual harassment, depression, anxiety and human behaviour in the best way. Will Arnett voices the lead character. There will be times you will relate to BoJack, feel disgusted with him and question yourself too.


This is a story of a Princess named, Bean. But this is not your usual fantasy drama or fairytale. There’s betrayal, conspiracies, murders and more. This series represents the two voices inside every human – the good one and the evil. Disenchantment shows how we make decisions based on these voices. That defines us who we are as a person. So far, 2 seasons of the show are out on Netflix.

Big Mouth

This is a sitcom which shows the puberty life and changes every teenager experiences. We all have been teenagers and faced hormonal changes. This show will make you laugh your heart out. This show is a hilarious s*x education class where the word ‘subtlety’ doesn’t exist.

Love Death + Robots

Love Death + Robots features different stories. There’s horror, science-fiction, comedy and fantasy. The episodes range from 7 mins to 15 mins. Not only the are riveting stories, but the topnotch VFX also makes this Netflix show worth watching. To tell you more, it takes you in the Black Mirror zone.

Rick and Morty

This show is not for everyone. If you are too much into science, physics and technology, you’re going to have a ball watching Rick and Morty. The reason we say this because when Rick and Morty converse, their jokes and taunts are based on these subjects. The humour is bang on and you will enjoy all kinds of peculiar adventures these characters take us on.

Tell us which animated series are you planning to binge-watch first?

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