Any pre-release reports of Aamir Khan’s ‘Delhi Belly’?
Those who’ve had a chance to see Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly, feel, it’s a lovely fun film. Incidentally, it has been shot in English as well as in Hindi. In other words, it has been made in two separate versions.

Ra.One Movie Poster

What would the initial of Ra.One be like? Any idea?
Earth-shattering! Shah Rukh Khan would be seen on the big screen after a gap of 20 months. His last release was My Name Is Khan which came in February 2010 whereas Ra.One will hit the screens in October 2011.

How do you think will the three months beginning from the week of 18th February prove to be for the industry in view of World Cup and IPL cricket?
It’s going to be a taxing period for the industry but let’s keep our fingers crossed. The good point is that good films never fail, cricket or no cricket.

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  1. can’t wait for RA ONE…….. muuaahhh luv u SHAHRUKH KHAN jii….. hope this will be hit too like MY NAME IS KHAN.. INSHALLAH……… :D luv u…. ALLAH HAFIZ

  2. I think Ra.One is goin to be a bigger hit out of the two. Consider the facts-
    Delhi Belly is an adult comedy which will get an
    “A” certificate. Family Audience will not go & watch it and teenagers will be shunted out of the multiplexes in big cities. While, Ra.One is a superhero movie and every Indian child will be eagerly pursuing his parents to take him to theaters. The very fact makes this film a family film.

    SRK, the king of the bollywood is coming after a lons time on the screen after MNIK.

    The Superhero subject (despite of attracting so much of audience) has experimented very less in India only in the films like Krish and Drona.

    The film has sucked up so much money to make. SRK is an intelligent guy who will not let his money go easily drowned.

  3. two mvis are incomparable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kaha raja bhoj kaha gangu teli!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srk will break all the records


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