Zack Snyder Wanted Ryan Reynolds To Leak His Cut Of Justice League
Zack Snyder Feels Ryan Reynolds Could Have Easily Leaked His Justice League(Pic Credit: IMDb, Wikipedia)

Zack Snyder and his cut of The Justice League has had a saga of its own. No one will be surprised if a separate film is been made on his it came to life, and the movement that led to it. While Snyder thanks his stars always, he has always been humorous about it. To an extent that in a recently released interview, he said, he would have made Ryan Reynolds leak the film if not an official release.

If you have been aware, Ryan Reynolds had a similar trajectory where he had to grind to bring his icon franchise Deadpool alive and make him a standalone superhero. In this case, both the men, Zack Snyder and Reynolds, sharing vibes together is a scene straight out of a climax from a motivational movie. And so is Snyder creating a hilarious scene when asked about his cut. Read on to know everything you should, and what Snyder has to say about the same.



While talking to Screerant on the sets of his next flick Army Of The Dead, Zack Snyder had a funny take on how he should have made Justice League possible. He says he would have told Ryan Reynolds to leak it in the Deadpool style. Immediately next he reminds everyone of the reboot human the Merc star is. He says, what is anyone going to do to Ryan Reynolds anyways.

Zack Snyder said, “Ryan’s a good guy probably to do it. What are you gonna do? What’s anyone gonna do to Ryan? He doesn’t care! Zero f*cks s given. Good idea.”

Well, Ryan Reynolds has had his history with film leaks though. In 2014 test footage for Deadpool leaked online, and had the audience asking for more. That resulted into Merc With A Mouth have his own separate franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor now gears up for Deadpool 3 and is making sure everything is of the best class and caliber.

Zack Snyder on the other hand is gearing up for The Army Of The Dead and is also marinating himself in the glory of the Snyder cut. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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