The Incredible Hulk is the only Marvel film based on Bruce Banner’s alter ego. However, the film stars Edward Norton in the lead role who did a phenomenal job as Hulk. It was the second MCU film after Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man (2008) and told us the story how Bruce Banner became the big angry green man.

Today, as a part of Marvelathon, I’m suggesting you The Incredible Hulk as it’s important to know why is Hulk the way he is. Also, Edward Norton deserves the appreciation for commencing Banner’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I also think this is one of the most underrated Marvel films.

Today, I’ll tell you a few interesting reasons why you should watch this Edward Norton starrer ASAP:

Tony Stark’s Weapons

During the opening credits of the film, we see Bruce Banner’s transformation into Hulk in the first few minutes. To get a hold of this big green man, weapons are bought from Stark’s company.



In the film, the serum that is used to inject Blonsky is of the same colour as the one used in Captain America: The First Avengers. The serum used in Captain America is called Super-Soldier. It is also said that they are the same serum.

Hulk’s Storm Scene

In the film, we see Bruce Banner’s Hulk losing his calm several times. But no one can forget his rage in the storm scene. It is said that during this scene, an object appears from the clouds resembling Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark’s Cameo

In The Incredible Hulk’s end credits scene, Tony Stark has an interesting cameo. You will have to watch the film to find out what he does in the film.

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