Kim Kardashian Gives BIRTH To Kylie Jenner In Old Tyga Ft. Kanye West Video & It's Going Viral!
Kim Kardashian Gives BIRTH To Kylie Jenner In Old Tyga Ft. Kanye West Video & It’s Going Viral!

The Kardijenner family has grabbed all eyeballs yet again, courtesy a three-year-old music video of Kanye West. The video features Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. With 2 hotties in the same video, how can it not make headlines?


Well, the music video is breaking the internet for all the wrong reasons. It seems that fans have found it quite disturbing. Let us tell you more about it.


Director Eli Russell Linnetz leaked a bizarre three-year-old music video for Feel Me, Kanye West’s 2017 track with Tyga, on Wednesday. The racy video sees Kim Kardashian and younger sister Kylie Jenner parading around in barely-there thongs and stripper heels.

According to reports in Mail Online, it cost a million dollars to make this video. The video ends with a truly disturbing image of Kim Kardashian with her legs spread, seemingly giving birth to an adult Kylie. Shortly after it was released, the video was removed from Linnetz’s YouTube page.

In this video, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are both sporting blonde hair. Kylie’s transformation can be termed as the most dramatic one. The cosmetics Mogul donned a platinum pixie cut wig in a style similar to what her mom Kris Jenner prefers.

Kylie was styled for the Feel Me in a cheeky pair of silver thong panties with a thin matching crop top that left little to the imagination. Her editorial style makeup highlighted Kylie’s enhanced pout with a matte nude lipstick, and her eyeshadow was done up to her brows in an icy sky blue.

Kim Kardashian’s dressing was even more revealing than her younger sister. She sported a black G-string with a matching bra. Like Kylie, Kim put her famous bottom on display in a series of seemingly endless slow-motion squats.

Take a look at the video here:

We wonder what is next? Did you get a chance to watch this video yet?

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