Did You Know Home Alone & Friends Had A Connection? FansPoint It Out(Pic credit: Still from episode)
FRIENDS & Home Alone Had A Connection? Fans Point Out & We Cannot Deny It! (Pic credit: Still from episode)

Do you remember watching  Home Alone as a kid? Did you enjoy the pranks Kevin McAllister played on the two crooks while he is stuck away from his family? Well, according to some diehards fans of the popular sitcom Friends, Monica Geller and Chandler Bing moved into this infamous house.


Yes guys, according to some fans – who have also made a video – the Bing move into the McAllister house in the season’s finale. Don’t believe us? Read on to know some of the similarities.


In the final season of the show, Monica and Chandler buy a house in the suburbs. Kevin McAllister’s house too is in the suburbs. Given this common ground, fans have spotted similarities between the two houses – and it makes both houses look like one. Thus fans have now implied that Chandler and Monica as a couple brought the McAllister house from Home Alone.

A minute-long video pointing out the similarity has been uploaded to YouTube. The video firstly is based on the assumption that the Friends episode aired in 2004 while Home Alone was released in 1990. Given the time difference, the video points out that there could be a possibility that the makers used some stock footage from the children’s movie for the exterior environment of Bing’s house.

The video also points out that the view from inside the Friends house is similar to that from the McAllister house in Home Alone. The video depicts this by pausing and comparing both scenes from the film and the series.

The video shows a particular blue house that is visible when Joey walks around the living room. On detailed inspection, one can clearly make out that the house outside Monica and Chandler’s home is similar to the one as seen in Home Alone – the house with the wreath. Another similarity between the two houses is the Murphy house. According to the video, the house is the same in both the series and the film.

The same Murphy house with the car shed from Home Alone can be clearly seen in the Friends episode as well. In the same sequence where Joey walks in the living room, the Murphy house shed is visible along with the house itself.

Given these similarities, the makers of the video have implied that there could be a huge possibility that Chandler and Monica purchased Kevin McAllister’s house from Home Alone.’

Since the video of the connection has been uploaded on Youtube, it has gained massive attention.

What are your thoughts on this assumption? Let us know in the comments section below.

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