Money Heist Season 4 aka La Casa de Papel started streaming on Netflix from last week. After 9 months, the new season was released and have received a great response. As there’s lockdown at many places in the world, a lot of fans have already finished binge-watching the new season.

If you love crime dramas and you are wondering what to watch that will match up to the level of Money Heist Season 4, well, don’t worry. I have listed down some of my favourite crime or detective dramas that will provide equals with the level of MH4.

Finished Watching Money Heist Season 4? Binge On These 5 Amazing Crime Dramas During The Lockdown!
Finished Watching Money Heist Season 4? Binge On These 5 Amazing Crime Dramas During The Lockdown!

Check out the list below:


This has nothing to do with the cartoon Dexter we all grew up watching. Starring Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan, his character works with the forensic department of Miami Police station. Dexter tests your perception of what’s right and wrong as the lead character here chops the bodies of people who commit heinous crimes. There are 8 seasons and all are worth the watch.

Breaking Bad

Almost everyone knows about Breaking Bad but there are still many who haven’t watched it yet. The story of a dying Professor Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) turning into a meth cook with the help of his student Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) gives us a lot of insights into life and reality. This is quite a long watch and requires patience, but once you enter the world of BB, you won’t step out of it easily.

Better Call Saul

Those who have watched Breaking Bad, they all know what an interesting character Saul Goodman is! This is a fantastic spin-off for Breaking Bad which one can watch even if they haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet. Starring Bob Odenkirk, the series tells us the story of notorious lawyer Saul and why he is the way he is!

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Sadly, this series has just 2 seasons but you are going to love this. This crime-detective drama starring Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett, this isn’t your regular detective drama. The show has magic, dark humour and lots of cute moments that will leave you wanting more.


Fargo isn’t an easy watch. The series has 3 seasons so far and they are based on different stories that will blow your mind away. This series makes murder and killings look like a normal activity and has a twist in every episode. If you love crime dramas that f*ck up your minds to the core, Fargo is your type of content.

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