Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, who is in India to shoot Netflix thriller Dhaka, has shared some behind-the-scenes glimpses from on and off the sets.


The Avengers star, popular for his portrayal of Thor, shared three Instagram Stories showcasing tidbits from his India diaries. He landed in India a week ago but began shooting for the film only on Saturday.

On Day 1 of the shoot of Dhaka, the actor, whose daughter is named India Rose, took to the social media platform to his team as he was busy getting his make-up done.

Chris Hemsworth shares glimpses of his India trip
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“Day 1, we are in India,” Hemsworth says as he pans the smartphone camera towards his stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, and his make-up man and “other legends”.

To introduce himself, Hemsworth says: “I’m Chris, I play dress ups for a living.”

In another video snippet, he showcases his rugged get-up from a location where the shoot seems to be underway. Music plays on in the backdrop as Hemsworth looks upbeat and excited.


The third video takes the ‘chocolate’ literally. Hemsworth shows off a “welcome package” from his hotel room.

“I’ve got to India… It’s a welcome package… All edible, including my picture, hammer… Look at this, terrific,” Hemsworth says as he bites into an edible chocolate picture frame with his Thor look, and into a chocolate version of Thor’s iconic hammer.

Hemsworth is likely to also shoot in Mumbai for Dhaka, which is reportedly an action film in which the actor plays a character that has to liberate a kidnapped Indian boy. Physically brave but an emotional coward, the man has to come to terms with his identity and sense of self.

The script is written by Joe Russo and he is producing with his brother, AGBO’s Mike Larocca, Thematic Entertainment’s Hemsworth and Ben Grayson.

Dhaka will also feature actors Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda.

Manoj, on the sidelines of the Dharamshala International Film Festival told IANS that he has a “guest experience” in the film.

“I have only one scene. So I don’t want to talk much about it,” he said.



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