FRIENDS Theme Song Remade By An English Teacher For His Students Will Make Your Day
FRIENDS Theme Song Remade By An English Teacher For His Students Will Make Your Day

Friends is a cult series, and there is hardly any series which has made a place in our hearts like this. Today, we are introducing you to our favourite teacher, who invites his students by singing the FRIENDS title song “I’ll be there for you” in a unique way. We are sure his students must love him for such a welcoming piece.

Meet Paul Miller, who teaches English at Appleton East High School in Wisconsin has uploaded a beautiful FRIENDS song on his Facebook for his students, and now the whole world is getting overdosed by the cuteness of it.



At the beginning of the video, we see Paul sitting with a Ukulele and then he is seen going out to look for his students. But it’s only when he finds the classroom empty; he starts singing the melodious friends title track in his quirky style. Have a look at the viral video here.

Back to School 2020: "I'll Be HERE For You" (shout out to Laura Miller, my greatest collaborator)

Posted by Paul Miller on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Paul has modified the lyrics from the original FRIENDS title track. His lyrics are like this: So, no one told me school was gonna be this way. I got my lessons ready, but the students are MIA.”

He doesn’t sing the conventional “I’ll be there for you” but has replaced the lyrics with “I’ll be here for you.” Paul says it’s a tradition in his class that he starts his lectures by singing songs. He told WMTV, “I spent a day writing the song, a day recording the music, and then my wife and I came to school on Sunday afternoon when no one was here, and we got all the video footage.”

Well, how did you like Paul Miller’s FRIENDS theme song? Do let us know via your comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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