Star Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh


Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Sultan Boxoffice Exclusive
Sultan Boxoffice Exclusive

First Half Review

Entertaining is the word! The first half of Sultan is a great mix of romance, action and drama.

Salman Khan actually gives you no chance to look anywhere else. He is funny, emotional and engaging with his act.

Peppy songs and powerful dialogues keep you hooked through the first half. Anushka Sharma too puts up an impressive act as the ambitious wrestler girl.

Slight problems arise pre-interval where the writers infuse dramatic twists which typically expected thanks to the film’s commercial nature.

Dialogues such as “Main banda hi rare hoon” mouthed by Salman call for whistles.

His entry scene too is sure to call for hoots and whistles from the audiences.

Because of the run time of the film, the first half seems slightly long.

So far, the journey has been good with the story of Sultan’s rise to the top and also the major twist that causes his fall.

Let’s see what the second half holds further!

Second Half Review

Post-interval the film picks up its pace with Sultan’s training sequence. Although the script suffers the most in the second half with its melodramas and cliches.

Sultan falls prey to what most sports based films suffer from- becoming archaic.

The underdog wrestler in a mixed martial arts tournament reminds us much of Akshay Kumar’s Brothers because of its presentation.

Popular track Jag Ghoomeya serenades you in the second half in spite of being a forced.

What could have been essential for this film is a much tighter editing. 170 minutes is too much for a story that is uninspiring when it comes to creativity.

Certain fight sequences are highly engaging and literally leave you cheering for Sultan.

Salman and Anushka’s chemistry too simplistic and shines in a few scenes!

All in all don’t expect anything new from this one. This is a good old commercial Bollywood drama that you may enjoy with popcorn!



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