Star Cast: Tiger Shroff as Ronny, Shraddha Kapoor as Sia, Sudheer Babu and Paras Arora


Director: Sabbir Khan


First Half Review

Awesome: Action sequences. Sudhir Babu’s stellar physique compliments his portions of Kalaripayattu.

Yawnsome: Love story! Also the à la Karate Kid treatment.

The first half is slightly hurried with a kidnapping, flashback love story and of course songs.

Tiger Shroff gets an impressive entry scene.

Shraddha Kapoor comes across her typical self. She plays the chirpy, stereotypical girl who likes dancing in the rain and talking to herself.

The third leg to the story, Sudheer Babu in spite of being the villain, is given quite an ordinary intro. He seems more like all brawn, no brain.

Sunil Grover plays Shraddha’s dad and his comic timing is as usual bang on.

The portions of Tiger’s training sequences at the academy suddenly seems out of context when he starts to get a personal training for no reason and break the link of the story.

Dialogues to look out for: “Agar Tera Mera Koi Connection Hai, Toh Agli Baar Baarish Apne Aap Hojayegi”

P.S: A running for the train sequence too is reprised only this time, it’s the hero running behind the train!

Second Half Review

Awesome: Slick chase sequences in the streets of Bangkok.

Yawnsome: Predictable damsel in distress angle. Shoddy climax!

The second half is expected to up its pace but that does not happen with Baaghi. The director seems to be obsessed with jarringly irritating background scores which form a hindrance in the viewing experience.

Tiger’s flexibility impresses but unfortunately his act does not improve while Shraddha remains underutilized.

Sanjay Mishra adds the comic element post-interval but it is quite a tasteless humor. More like calling a Thailand local ‘Hakka Noodle’ kind of jokes.

Dialogue to look out for : “Iss Ramayan Mein Ram Marega”

All in all – we would prefer to Bhaago from this Baaghi couple!



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