Star Cast: Meera Chopra, Sharman Joshi


Director: Tinu Suresh Desai

1920 London Movie Poster
1920 London Movie Poster

First Half Review

Awesome : Nothing yet!

Yawnsome : Songs, melodrama and the poor special effects!

Well, the first half of 1920 London has nothing to offer in the first half itself. A stupid love story between a Rajasthan bases princess Shivangi (Meera Chopra) and a low caste lad Jai (Sharman Joshi) clubbed with unnecessary songs make up for an irritating watch so far.

The special effects have not been up to the mark. Cringeworthy and age old tricks of rocking chairs, anklet sounds and the creaking of wood are used. A major twist takes place towards the end of the first half and that is the only interesting so far.

Meera Chopra and Sharman Joshi in a still from movie '1920 London'
Meera Chopra and Sharman Joshi in a still from movie ‘1920 London’

Dialogues to look out for : Ye Gangaajal tujh tak pohoch ke tezaab hojayega (Sharman’s character says this to a ‘aatma’!)

This film is more like a unrequited love story in the garb of horror. Some scenes that many may find spine chilling are the possessed soul eating meat and walking on his hands with a twisted body.

Let’s see if there is anything scary in the second half!

1920 London Trailer

Second Half Review

Awesome: That the film is only two hours!

Yawnsome : The lack of creativity when it comes to building a plot.

There is so much wrong with this film! The writers just keep jumping from one scene to another irrespective of whether it makes sense. London to Rajasthan trips during the 1920s seem to be like teleportation. Shivangi’s Meera Chopra) family suddenly disappears out of the scene in the present day situation!

Dialogues like “Ye aatma jo maine Veer ko bass mein karne ke liye bheji woh mere hi bass mein nahi rahi” will have you laughing your guts out.

The horror quotient is really low and the so-called “Daayan” doesn’t even seem to care to scare the hell out of you. In most of the scenes, the possessed body is shown lying on the bed which is a complete waste when the makers could have easily played around it.

Sharman Joshi and Meera Chopra both do not manage to rise above aaverage in this joke of a horror film.

I’d just say spare yourselves from this yawnfest!



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