Reliance Entertainment’s remake of cult classic Zanjeer performed low not only on Day 1 but also on Day 2 at the Domestic Box Office. The Amitabh Bachchan starrer may had impressed one and all but this Ram Charan Teja’s Zanjeer has surely not impressed the audience, as the film, which collected 3.60 crores on 1st Friday, witnessed a drop on its 1st Saturday.


The number of footfalls for Zanjeer decreased yesterday. Collecting just 2.90 crores, the movie now stands at a domestic total of about 6.50 crores at the Box Office.

Ram Charan Teja And Priyanka Chopra in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills
Ram Charan Teja And Priyanka Chopra in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills

A lot of shows were cancelled by many cinemas, especially in Mumbai, Delhi-UP, East Punjab and West Bengal. The cinema owners replaced Zanjeer with Shuddh Desi Romance that is receiving an excellent response from the cinegoers.

However, though this Hindi Version of Zanjeer is not doing good at the Box Office, the Telugu Version titled ‘Thoofan’ is doing great out there!

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  1. Poor distributors. They earned huge profits from Chennai Express. Now they have lost it all with films like Satyagraha, OUATIMD and Zanjeer.

  2. The comments are totally wrong. I have been in Mumbai Multiplex and the crowd for ShuddDesiRomance was just half compare with Zanjeer. I dont know the actors of both the film but the actress I know very well. Movie Zanjeer is much much better than S D R. Dont misguide us, OKAY.

  3. Still banking on remakes? They must be really stupid to have thought that this would be big. Hope they get sued over for misusing the title..actually the whole concept of “Zanjeer”!!!


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