Subhash Ghai’s Right Yaaa Wrong lived up to the worse half of its title. Yes, everything went wrong with the film at the box-office. Firstly, it took a dismal start. Then, collections simply failed to pick up so that the Rs. 140-million film will end up entailing losses of around Rs. 100 million. Seems, nobody wants to see Sunny Deol on a wheelchair.

The audience played hide & seek with Hide & Seek. In other words, the public hid and the film tried to seek them but failed. The suspense thriller failed to thrill or chill. Resultantly, it flopped.

Debut-making director and hero Rahul Aggarwal must have realised that it is not everybody’s cup of tea to face the camera and also not everybody’s cup of tea to stay behind the lens. Only thing, it was a costly lesson to learn because he had invested his producer-dad’s many millions to make Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke which sank without a trace. Indeed, na acting ke, na direction ke!

The fourth release of last Friday, Swaha, could not open in most of the cinemas as some religious outfit managed to get a court order to stay the film’s release as they felt, the film demeans God men. Oh God, these men!

As for the last release of last week, Trump Card, there was absolutely nothing in it for it to come out trumps.

All in all, the Friday gone by was one of the worst Fridays in recent times. Worse still, the cinemas screening IPL cricket matches also ran to near-empty houses as the very concept of watching cricket on the big screen seems to have failed.

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