Amongst the new releases, Roar performed comparatively better. The film collected 1.70 crores on its opening day i.e. 1st Friday at the Domestic Box Office. The film which tackles a unique subject has better chances over Super Naani. Also the special effects used in the film have been well appreciated.

A still from Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans
A still from Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans


Roar may fall flat due to two main reasons, one being the low star quotient and 2nd being less favorable critics responses. The film has a chance to survive on positive word of mouth.

However, since Happy New Year is all set for its second weekend, the new releases will suffer from it. The film also has a low screen count which is why the collections will not be soaring much higher.

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  1. First half was ok with some overacting and bad editing but second half left me breathless. I think this is the first of it’s type for our industry, all guys with abbs and hot girls, adventure in jungle and various wild customs. What’s more surprising was no one left the hall until all the credit were rolled. Most people were like play it again.


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