Fan starring Shah Rukh Khan seems to have dropped even further on its sixth day.


The film collected 4.2 crores on Wednesday and now stands with a total collection of 68.35 crores, after completing its 6 Days journey at the domestic box office.

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan

Considering Fan got a big release of around 3500 screens, the collections are extremely low. Looks like, the film will collect approximately 72 crores in its first week. It will not be breaking Airlift‘s record of highest first week collections in 2016.

Being a partial holiday for Mahavir Jayanti, Fan did not benefit much from it.




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    The films are not earning enough because of these reasons.
    1. The rates of tickets have been hiked, normally a middle class family can only afford once of twice in six months for a movie.

    2. The appraisals have been poorly done due to share market crash, people left with less money.

    3. It all started after Salman PRDP when people flocked to the cinema halls to watch the performance of Salman Khan in a similar way as in BB… but the movie was huge disappointment. This had made people to take revenge by choosing the selective films. Now no Indian movie could cross 200 Marks that is sure.

    4. I think very few movies are now a days being made with keeping mind of the middle class. The middle class wants there actors should be like them not arrogant and ostentatious.

    5. Salman became hit After Dabang because it was made on the background of a village and people could relate themselves with the actor.

    6. Now SRK, Salman and Aamir and other Bollywood deeply rooted into materialistic world so common man finds it difficult to have any attachments with them.

    7. Any way with the advent of good foreign cinema has changed the taste of Indian viewers, They have seen an Indian director Ramoji could compete with Foreign film with ‘Bahubali’ so why cannot our Bollywood try to make that kind of film rather than go for the masala based films.

    8. Bollywood have potential but they have no willingness to change. this is the reason for the failure and nothing else.


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