On the whole, Aisha is a dull fare and will not even appeal to its target audience – the multiplex viewers in the big cities. Only a section of the city audience (mostly young girls) will appreciate the film. Initial curiosity may see some crowds at select multiplexes in a few cities in the weekend but that won’t be enough. Business in single-screen cinemas and smaller cities and towns will be very dull. Opening was weak at most places and fair in very few multiplexes. While the opening show’s collections in about 10 to 15 multiplexes were around 50-80% of the capacities, the initial in the rest of the hundreds of multiplexes and single-screen cinemas was not more than 20-30%.

The other release this weekend, Predators is quite a disappointment as it belies its legacy. The initial may be okay but collections will not sustain for long. Publicity: fair. Opening: so-so. Universal Pictures’ 3-D animation film, Despicable Me, has a beautiful but too simplistic story. In fact, the fairy-tale-like story is the ‘weak point’ in an otherwise good film. And since the Indian audience gives the maximum weightage to the story, the film will not work half as well as it should at the box-office. Opening average.

Last week’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai has been appreciated and has done very well. Most of the India distributors have recovered 85-90% of their investments in the first week itself. Total 24,33,36,828 from 448 cinemas.

Last week’s other releases, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (E.) is fair. Total 2,39,40,732 from 112 cinemas. Grahan Shrapit Mahayudh (dubbed) is ordinary. Total 53,33,904 from 103 cinemas.

Akshay Kumar’s Khatta Meetha has dropped considerably. Total collections in the 2nd week (July 30 – August 5) stand at 3,81,10,024 from 325 cinemas. Angelina Jolie’s Salt (dubbed) has crashed. Total 15,70,412 from 73 cinemas.

Not surprisingly, Inception (E.) is still good. The LeonardoDi Caprio starrer’s total collections were 2,06,02,485 from 86 cinemas in the 3rd week.

Detailed collections:

No. Film Week Collection No. of Prints Average per print
Once Upon A Time
In Mumbaai
1st 24,33,36,828 448 5,43,163
2 Khatta Meetha 2nd 3,81,10,024 325 1,17,262
3 Tere Bin Laden 3rd 61,25,256 78 78,529
4 Grahan Shrapit Mahayudh (dubbed) 1st 53,33,904 103 51,785
5 Chakravyuh (dubbed) 3rd 19,84,432 37 53,633
6 Udaan 3rd 18,53,557 30 61,785
7 Salt (dubbed) 2nd 15,70,412 73 21,512

India Box Office Collections for the week of July 30 – August 5, 2010 (Figures in Rs.)

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