Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji

And Queen made a return this week with Mardaani. Actress Rani Mukerji is known for her style, persona, fearless demeanor and uninhibited performances. In an interview with Koimoi, we asked the actress about her message via this film. The intention is clearly to reach out to women in a big way. Rani said, “I am very happy I am doing this role. With this role I am going to inspire a lot of women to come out and actually be brave and strong, independent and fearless and be a Mardaani.”

If you observe correctly, Rani’s affinity towards strong woman characters has remained since her debut film. The actress, who began the journey with Raja Ki Ayegi Baarat, agrees on the same. She elaborates, “Consciously or unconsciously whichever films I have done have had very strong female characters. I have always attempted to do roles where women are getting empowered. With all my roles, I guess Mardaani concludes life coming a full circle for me! Since I am myself a Mardaani in real life, I have a tendency to get drawn to strong women roles. I can never play a role where a woman is portrayed as weak. It doesn’t go with my personality at all.”

Coming to her training for the film, the actress said, “I have trained extensively in Krav Maga. Cops go through extensive physical training. They learn everything from shooting to boxing to archery to different forms of martial arts. We want to do the action that is believable and raw. We have kept it as it is, the way it is done in real life. Krav Maga is a very interesting form of martial arts that teaches you to fight against any kind of opponent you have no matter how much bigger he is as compared to you. Even when the opponent is taller than you or more muscular than you or strength wise more than you. So it teaches you that if you are a girl and stuck in a situation with probably holding a knife at you, how do you get out of that situation.”

Mardaani released this week. Rani Mukerji returned to the silver screens after a while and the actress in donning her smashing best in it.

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