Sanjay Dutt, who’s generally associated with action flicks and comedies, is shifting gears with Rahul Dholakia’s Lamhaa. The actor, who plays a covert operative in the film, makes a pertinent comment on the current state of affairs in Jammu & Kashmir, “We don’t understand what they (the people of Jammu & Kashmir) are going through, the way they are plagued by fear on an everyday basis.”

Sanjay should know. Especially since his character required him to mingle with the local Kashmiris. “I play a military intelligence officer who is recalled to the valley after 14 years to find out about a sinister plan by some militants. He has to mingle with the Kashmiris and in the process realizes what they’ve gone through,” Sajnay adds.

The actor’s humane point of view calls to be heard given the fact that the Kashmir valley has in the past week seen many unfortunate deaths and protests. Sanjay Dutt further analyses the issue. “The film talks about the people of Kashmir who are stuck between terrorism and security. There’s a thin line between bitterness and learning a lesson. My two-and-a-half years in jail were a part of my life. I accepted it, learnt my lesson and moved on.”

By Koimoi Team

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