Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif & Fatima Sana Shaikh’s magnum opus, Thugs Of Hindostan, finally hit the big screens yesterday and has become Bollywood’s biggest opener till date. Sadly, despite the huge numbers at the box office, the reviews from the fans and media critics have not been much favourable for the Vijay Krishna Acharya directorial. Why? Here’s the answer to this question but mind you, there are spoilers! So read below at your very own risk!

Here are 5 Things that didn’t work out for Thugs Of Hindostan:

Thugs Of Hindostan Analysis: 5 Things That Will Stop The Movie From Becoming A BLOCKBUSTER!
Thugs Of Hindostan Analysis: 5 Things That Will Stop The Movie From Becoming A BLOCKBUSTER!

1. Half-baked script: The makers might have roped in a tremendous casting coup, but was that enough? Unnecessary elongation, all the ruckus that was being created – there was so much going on in the movie that the centre focus seemed to have suppressed. There are segments in the movie that have failed to pique our interest after a point because everything became so obvious.

2. Realistic Approach: Some of the segments and scenes in the movie are the kind which we wouldn’t even be able to imagine in our dreams! Fatima more than a thug, eventually seemed to be resembling Tarzan in the action scenes. The first scene shows the Indian king in ‘1795’ using a gun and the thugs using crossbow to kill the enemies and when those weapons could’ve been easily used in the climax, they opted for Aamir puting his life at risk and taking a leap of faith!

3. Characters: While Ronit Roy’s character couldn’t have been more dumb, Aamir Khan’s character flipped more than chameleon would ever change his colours. Katrina Kaif reportedly played a ‘pivotal’ role but we didn’t know that item songs made a role pivotal!

4. The Eagle: If you’ve ever watched the American show, Maniac, you might understand the importance of an eagle in the ancient times. But for viewers like us who’ve always seen pigeons acting like a messenger, how the eagle came in during the entire movie failed to make sense!? Moreover, they made it go over the top. Thankfully, Vijay Krishna Acharya didn’t give him dialogues!

5. The Ending: No, this isn’t a happy or a sad ending, this one’s bizarre! To a point where in you’ll be forced to decrease your ratings for the movie that too by a huge leap. We don’t know if extended last segment was to provide Katrina, the footage that she sadly didn’t get in the entire movie or was it sign for a sequel? If it’s the later, may god bless us and give us the strength!

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