Thank God Baba! I was toh super scared jab I read in papers that Sid and Vidya ka break up jaisa hone wala hai. Vidya is like my daughter only and she is such a nice girl. But relationships ka what bharosa these days. Anything can happen no. Look at Duggu and his biwi. But when Vidya Balan clarified ki she and her pati are doing good, jaan mein jaan aayi.

Bhai, reports toh even I heard from my chelas that Sid is favoring some woman from his company a little zyada than needed. And Vidya could not hazam karo this which is why she apparently lost her thand and blasted Siddy a few days back. Vidya ke baare mein what ant shant rumors have been coming these days. Pehle toh people said she is pregnant. Then she walked out of Sujoy ki film citing health hassles and ab fight with Sid wali news. Grah-Nakshatra is just not in her favor, I will say. Haan, haan, she is saying it is all jhooth but can there be itna saara smoke with no fire, you only say.

Vidya Balan at an event
Vidya Balan at an event

But atleast deny karne se this is clear that she is trying at their rishta. Which marriage doesn’t have problems, but for the sukhi sansar you have to adjust and handle. I toh just hope whatever is wrong, Vidya-Sid fix it. With Bobby Jasoos on Vidya’s head, baba it is better na that she keeps calm and keep kaam se kaam for now.

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