UTV didn’t have a smooth sailing when it came to signing its contracts for Thank You with the exhibitors. First and foremost, it insisted on adding a clause in the agreement with exhibitors, making them responsible to pay sales tax. The exhibitors – multiplexes as well as singlescreen cinemas – refused to sign the contracts after which UTV agreed to delete the clause subject to an oral understanding with them. It then asked the multiplexes other than the national chains to share the box-office spoils in the ratio of 60%, 50%, 40% and 30% (to UTV) in the first, second, third and fourth weeks respectively.

Thank You Movie Poster

Of course, the multiplex owners did not agree but they had to spend tension- ridden days before they were given the prints. UTV also sort of coerced multiplexes and single-screen cinemas to sign contracts simultaneously for Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly and Karan Johar’s Short Term Shaadi. The exhibitors found the demand of UTV quite uncalled for because they would, in any case, be keen to screen the two films as they come from banners which are very respected. But several exhibitors had to oblige.

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