Thai movie “Bad Genius” is set to get a Hindi spin as Reliance Entertainment and Friday Filmworks Plan C have teamed up with Azure Entertainment for the project. It will be executed under the creative supervision of writer, producer and director Neeraj Pandey.


Released in 2017, “Bad Genius” is a thriller inspired by real-life news of students cheating on the exam for entry into foreign universities. It transplants the heist film structure to a school-exams setting and features themes of class inequality as well as teen social issues.

Thai film 'Bad Genius' to get Indian remake
Thai Film Bad Genius To Get Indian Remake

Shibasish Sarkar of the Anil Ambani-led Reliance Entertainment said in a statement: “We are delighted to partner with Azure Entertainment and hope ‘Bad Genius‘ is as loved in its Hindi avatar.”


Pandey said it was an “amazing film”.

“We are looking forward to the re-imagination of the film as per Indian sensibilities and hope our audiences like it,” he said.

Bad Genius” made it to the top of the Thai box office last year, earning over 100 million baht. It broke Thai film earning records in several Asian countries, including China, where it earned over $40 million, making it the highest worldwide grossing Thai film ever.

For Sunir Kheterpal, CEO of Azure Entertainment, “Bad Genius” is one of the “hottest remake properties globally”.




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