Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

After working with Vikram Bhatt in a horror affair Raaz 3, Bipasha Basu is returning in yet another film belonging to the same genre, Aatma. Thankfully though, the gorgeous lady isn’t coming across as one of those tortured souls belonging to the kind that one sees in films belonging to this stage and setting.


Aatma is a very interesting film and we have gone exactly with the kind of plotline which was there on paper”, says Bipasha, “You would see a distinct ‘Suparn way of filming, editing and shot pattern’. All of it has a very classy treatment to it and that’s because Suparn is a very stylish director. Even with the kind of mood that he creates, he is very tasteful in his approach. That’s one thing about him which makes Aatma a very niche and different project.”

Apparently, Suparn knew Bipasha for more than a decade from his days of being a journalist. This was the time when Bipasha too had just started her career in the world of films. So what was it about the filmmaker that convinced Bipasha that he had it in him to deliver goods?

“As a matter of fact, he has offered me both his films in the past – Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and Acid Factory“, reveals Bipasha, “He has liked me since I was 16 and a Ford supermodel. He was one of the first few journalists who had interviewed me. He always wanted to work with me. Now if someone has that kind of faith in you for so long then that’s humbling.”

It wasn’t as if that was a reason good enough for her to jump on to the next offer that came from Suparn. As a matter of fact she was sceptical even for Aatma.

She continues, “I was feeling bad that I had always been saying no to him for various reasons, so this time around I just wanted to meet him. I didn’t think much of what he was going to do. It was just that post the narration I was bowled over with his script. I just didn’t say anything, I just nodded and that was a good enough indication for us to get rolling.”

Now we hope the results are terrific as well once the horror unfolds this weekend.

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