After dealing with the issue of child labour in Stanley Ka Dabba, director Amole Gupte has come up with an initiative called, ‘Tree of Hope’. Amol wants to start a movement to support children and their well being with the help of the general public.

Stanley Ka Dabba's 'Tree Of Hope'
Stanley Ka Dabba's 'Tree Of Hope'


The initiative asks a visitor on the Stanley Ka Dabba website to donate, volunteer or fund various causes that have been brought under the umbrella. When a user chooses to be part of anyone of them, he in turn plants a leaf on the tree, thus making it grow.

NGO’s which are part of the initiative include Akanksha, Aseema, Parivartan, AAWC, Snehasadan and Shiamak’s Victory Arts Foundation. The initiative aims at spreading awareness and action against child labour and right to education in turn raising hopes among the millions of children who are deprived of the basic human needs.




  1. This is superb! Good going Amole Gupte. We love you… have joined you on facebook also. My support!!!!!

  2. itz an osum movie…i cried while watching..hatsoff to u amol..standly’s role was jat amazing…. oll the very best

  3. i have just watched the movie , it was very moving , and it is only telling the story of one , yet it represents many millions of children , if this world would only begin to see that all children need to play , be loved and be happy about wherever they are in the world
    thank you for sucha wonderfully made film ……best wishes all the way from Australia


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