Playing a girly-girl must come easy for Sonam Kapoor now after her experience of doing two slightly similar characters, Simran and Aisha, in her last two movies. The svelte Kapoor girl is just four movies old, but she’s got very filmy blood running through her veins.


In a recent interview with Komal Nahta on ETC’s Bollywood Business, Sonam spoke about her problem with the Roman script, “We are given Hindi scripts in Roman (script). It becomes difficult because I’m a bit of a dyslexic. I had to learn a little Urdu for my first film Saawariya. I got the script for Delhi-6 in Devanagari. But the scripts for I Hate Luv Storys and Aisha scripts were in Roman. One day I got so embarrassed that I told Rajshree Ojha (director, Aisha ) that I couldn’t do it anymore. So she called a typist and made them write the script in Devanagari!”

“I sound so Punju sometimes that people wonder where I am from!”

But shouldn’t the Bandra born starlet be more comfortable with the Queen’s language. Sonam explains, “I think usually think in Hindi-Punjabi because it comes naturally to me. I sound so Punju sometimes that people wonder where I am from!”

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