Shah Rukh Khan in India is so very different from Shah Rukh Khan in London. Can you imagine Shah Rukh standing on a crowded street of Bombay while chatting on his mobile phone? Naturally not! But that’s what the superstar, who is currently in the UK, exactly did – he stood on a crowded street of London on 16th June, talking to somebody on his cell phone for almost 15 minutes even as Asian passersby recognised him.

Some Indian fans of Shah Rukh, working in a bank nearby, waited patiently for the star to finish his conversation on the phone, after which they approached him for autographs. Not only did Shah Rukh Khan oblige them with autographs but he also accepted their invitation to come inside and meet their colleagues in the bank. Only after Khan had chatted and clicked pictures with the over-excited Indians and Asians in the bank that he went to the office of Eros International where he was actually headed to meet Kishore Lulla before the telephone call and his fans held him up for a good 30 minutes.



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