Shah Rukh Khan celebrated crossing six lakh followers on the micro-blogging website,, by calling for “ideas for better films”, from his fans. Asking his fans for the one thing they would “want to see different in Indian films” Shah Rukh conducted a snap poll and concluded that “songs & dances should lessen or become more realistic”.

The actor, who made his mark playing grey shades in Darr: A Violent Love Story and Baazigar, said thrillers “seemed (like) an idea” and so did stories that were more involved with reality. Shah Rukh accepted that “our screenplays are a bit hackneyed” and added that, “maybe time for screenplay schools…or courses.”

Last but not the least, the Bollywood actor, who is now playing a superhero in his next film, RA.ONE, accepted that he had a thing for biopics.  “I am also one for biopics…not only of very famous people…but of lesser known people who have interesting stories to share,” wrote Shah Rukh. The actor has already played the Indian emperor Asoka in the 2001 film by that name.

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