Salman Khan’s screenwriter father, Salim Khan, is so confident of the success of his son’s forthcoming film, Ready, that he has gone ahead and bought the distribution rights of the film for a few territories.

Salman Khan's Dad Ready: Buys CPCI Rajasthan's Distribution Rights (Salim Khan, Salman Khan Ready Movie Poster)
Salim Khan, Salman Khan Ready Movie Poster


Yes, Salim Khan has bought the distribution rights of ‘Ready’ for the C.P.C.I. Rajasthan territories from the worldwide distributor, Ponty Chadha, for a formidable sum of Rs. 6.21 crore (Rs. 62.1 million). And, instead of buying the rights of his son’s film at a concessional rate, Salim Khan went ahead and told Ponty that he would pay him Rs. 5 lakh more than what Ponty would have made by selling the rights to someone else.

In fact, Salim Khan was so particular about the said payment that even before he paid the signing amount of Rs. 101 to Ponty, he made sure that the total sum of Rs. 6.21 crore was electronically transferred to Ponty Chadha’s bank account!

Ponty Chadha had bought the worldwide distribution rights of ‘Ready’ for Rs. 55 crore.




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