While social media was splurged with pictures of Hrithik Roshan going to Bigg Boss House to celebrate the brilliant opening of Bang Bang, the dare given to Salman is still pending. When asked Hrithik Roshan about the status of the same, he said, “He is Salman Khan. He will make an entry when you least expect it. Salman Khan is Salman Khan. You’ll have to wait for it.”

Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan
Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik’s Bang Bang Dares were brilliant. With every actor coming out in support of a colleague so graciously, the commonplace idea that Bollywood isn’t much of a civil place was discarded. There were stars who did a fabulous job at Bang Bang dare, the best one being Ranveer Singh’s.

Ask Hrithik about his favorite and he says they all are his favorites. He added, “All of them. They have come out so graciously and done it. I believe as a fraternity we are much bigger than the mere successes of our movies. The money, the fame, the success and the competition are all there but compete in a healthy way. I wanted to create this contribution to each other with this Bang Bang Dare. Had I asked them to do something for me, I wouldn’t have got anything but I created platforms where they could do something for their fans. The contribution was both ways. Ranveer, Shraddha, Farhan, Nargis, they have all done this and enjoyed a lot. They all so lovingly participated that I am touched.”

Hrithik gave out a host of tasks and now has a new list of Dares. Hrithik continues, “People are coming and asking me to give them a Bang Bang Dare. I have a new list of dares to give out and they are all waiting that I will give them a dare as well.”

Bang Bang fared a phenomenal number within its first week itself and will shatter prevalent box office records with quite ease. Expected to score well above 150 crores, the film’s swanky budget might hinder them to become a hit sooner but the performance has been exemplary so far.

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