At a time when Salman Khan’s fans have been rejoicing after the actor got bail on Saturday after being convicted in the blackbuck poaching case, former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has expressed her grief online, lamenting over the court’s judgement.


Yesterday, the model-turned-actress posted a picture showing bundles of cash lying on a table on her Instagram account, and insinuating that the actor had simply bought his freedom even after being convicted.

Salman Khan Accused Of Buying His Way Out Of Jail By Sofia Hayat
Salman Khan Accused Of Buying His Way Out Of Jail By Sofia Hayat

Claiming that the notes were the ‘important’ documents submitted by Salman Khan’s lawyers, she said, “The important papers submitted by Salman Khans lawyers to get him bail. Ahh..if everyone had these kind of papers..there would be no need for court systems or judges or even a justice system! Well done India!! You have proved that corruption in India is far stronger than any sort of justice. So..inject yourself with steroids, teach the young its ok to kill animals and people and abuse women..throw a few dance moves in pants that are far too tight…. and as long as you have these are king in India!”


“They say Tiger Zinda hai..but in reality it is an endagered species…soon to be extinct .. let the real hearts rise..I am so sorry to all of you who actually had hope in the Indian Justice system. Keep fighting for the truth..because the truth prevails in the end. Namaste Shalom salaam.”

Earlier when Salman Khan was convicted on Thursday and sentenced to 5 years in prison, Sofia had expressed her happiness on Instagram, praising the Indian Judicial System in a long post.

During Bigg Boss 7, Sofia was allegedly attacked by fellow contestant Armaan Kohli, and she even filed a complaint against him. While he was initially taken into custody, he was later released. Which is why she was infuriated when Salman offered him a role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.




  1. Where did this low class s o b get this false information. What a stupid idiot who thinks that Salman Khan did such a thing,if he wanted to buy this case off he would have done so 20 years ago. And it is very idiotic for the media to post such negative,lying reports. This is all about Hindu/Muslim issue and I hope as I said in previous comments that these idolators burn in hell.

  2. Salman needs to come out and let the world know who he covering. Because that person is not a friend but an enemy anyway the Almighty is going to punish that liar and all those who had acceptef bribes from that person and heaven help them. Including the idolators.


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