Music is the essential part of any Bollywood film, in fact they say it is a saviour for a flop film. Off lately the most sought after music director in the industry has been Pritam Chakraborty. Remember that ‘long-haired’ guy? With hit music for several films now, he has given us many chartbusters.

But have you wondered what is his formula for hit music? Well, we decoded what ‘inspires’ Pritam’s music. In fact, we think Pritam loved these ‘heard before’ tracks so much, that he might have just thought of lifting them as it is, without changing it much. Check out:

Pritam Chakraborty
Pritam Chakraborty

Aahun Aahun ( Love Aaj Kal): Ahem..Ahem.. Copied From Another Bollywood Song! *Shame*


Shikdum (Dhoom): No Points For Guessing This Song; It’s A Carbon Copy!

Bheega Bheega Sa Ye (Chocolate): Isn’t That What You Call Inspiration?

Haughty Naughty (De Dana Dan): The Beats Are Similar. Wait! The Whole Song Is.

Hai Junoon (New York): Nahi Hai Junoon, Kuch Original Banane Ka!

Pehli Nazar Mein (Race): Not Pehlie Nazar, But Pehli Tune Mein We Realized, It’s A Copy!

Zara Zara (Race): We Wish It Was ‘Zara Zara’ Original!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si (Life in a Metro): Did You Know? This Is A Copy Too! :(

Hare Ram Hare Ram (Bhool Bhoolaiya): Listen To This One..And You Will Forget Pritam’s Version

In Dino (Metro): We Loved This Track.. Until… We Heard Its Original Version

Oh Meri Jaan (Metro): OMG! This One Too…

Jaane Kaise (Raqeeb): Let’s Not Create Music, Let’s Just Copy It!

Signal Pyar Ka Signal (Bhagam Bhag): This Song Is A ‘Signal’ For Some Serious Chori!

Ya Ali (Gangster): Ya Ali..Why This Copy?

Well, obviously there are many more churaoed work…amm.. ‘inspired’ work of Pritam, but we just thought of ending here and make Pritam feel less embarrassed! Tell us what you feel about these inspired works, are they really originals or imitations?



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