She is bubbly, she is spunky and she is the pretty Preity Zinta. In a career that almost more than one and a half decades, our lovely Chulbuli masterni has revamped the stature of Bollywood, ages before a Priyanka or a Katrina could come and change its dimensions. Quite ahead of her age, Preity has always balanced the subtle and romantic roles of hers with the grumpy and the innately difficult characters that she has portrayed on screen for years now.


Though we couldn’t see much of this glam doll scorching the silver screen for almost five years now, barring the itsy bitsy cameos in certain films, we get in her toes to show the different sides of our lovable and adorable Priety to the world, as she cuts the 37th birthday cake today.

Priety, the PERK-y Girl-next-Door!

Perk came up with a beautiful tagline of ‘Apna Le Khushi Har Pal ki’ back in 1996 and who knew that the docile, cute girl featuring in the ad would become the Khushi-waali household name so soon and so fast! Once the Perk commercials were out, Priety immediately got the much needed recognition and has never had to look back.

Preity, the Bubbly Actress:

A self proclaimed tomboy of sorts, Preity’s strength lied in her manner of charming people with her nonchalance. The dimpled beauty rose to pinnacles of fame, with just a 20 minute performance in Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se. Priety’s Preeti Nair stands as a testament to boldness, wrapped with a flavour of innocence.

Preity, the Vamp:

Armaan Movie Poster
Armaan Movie Poster

Driving her acting prowess to the fore, this beautifully crafted actress shunned all critics delivering back to back hits, one after the other. But what amazed all was the different roles that she took up in such an early stage of her flourishing career. While some argued Armaan to be detrimental to her rising career, Preity’s determination and zeal made everyone fall in love with the grey shaded, schizophrenic Sonia Kapoor.

Priety, the Sports Star:

While the Indian Premier League kept our lovely lady away from the spotlight, it still managed to keep Preity Zinta in the limelight, hogging away the glory from all the other IPL owners along with her KANK co-star Shah Rukh Khan. Following her team and cheering for every little run scored, Preity Zinta has given her heart out as the proud owner of the Kings XI Punjab team. Ahh! We can do anything, almost anything to get that one famous jaadu ki jhappa from her!

Preity, the Chattar Patar Host:

2011 brought a new space and life for this always young at heart actress, when she plunged into the Television arena as the host of the Indianised version of the Guinness World Records edition. Following her balanced host act was the immensely lively and scandalous Up Close and Personal with PZ on UTV Stars which made our dil go zoom!!!

Her tipsy act on the show made for an excellent audience reach and the talkative Preity set the balls rolling on her court and, her penthouse as well!

Preity, the Humanitarian:

From the incepting years of her road to filmdom, this damsel has always been in news for her lovely social humanitarian works. Be it campaigning for AIDS or as the face of the protest against female infanticide, Preity has made sure her powerful reach helps to eradicate some social evils, which still plague the Indian society at large. Brand ambassador for many organizations with examples like the Loomba Trust for widow welfare and the prestigious Joint United Nations Programme on HIV AIDS (UNAIDS), Priety carved a less trodden path for her contemporaries to follow.

Priety, the Producer:

Ishkq In Paris Movie Poster
Ishkq In Paris Movie Poster

Facing a lot of problems delaying her tentative comeback film, Ishkq In Paris by almost half a year, Preity the co-producer at PZNZ Media has not let it affect her, even a bit. While her fans are eagerly waiting for her to get back on screen jaldi, she is praying for her friend’s welfare who crafted this film for her. Lovely lady that she is from heart, it wouldn’t be a shock watching her go Ting, post the release of her maiden production venture sometime this year!




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