One would have thought that Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live must be a dry film about farmer suicides, the ‘dry’ part coming from the fact that the film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival a few months back. But not all festival films are dry films – this comes across loud and clear in the first two trailers of the film unveiled by Aamir on 1st July at Hotel Intercontinental Lalit.


While one trailer shows clippings from the film, the other is part of a series of short trailers made only to promote the film without including anything in it from the film. The short trailer talks about how Aamir Khan seems to have gone crazy to be attempting a film on Peepli farmers. Obviously, the intention of the trailer is to get a smile on the viewer’s face and, at best, create an awareness in public minds about the film. But the longer and regular trailer doesn’t try to bring a smile on people’s faces; rather it evokes laughter, such seems to be the satire and the humour in the film.

Watch Aamir Khan Launching The First Look of Peepli Live

Going by the trailers, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the non-star cast film (the only recognisable face is that of Raghubir Yadav), directed by debutante Anusha Rizvi, takes a decent opening when it hits the screens on 13th August. Incidentally, Aamir would like to clear the air about the theme of his new production venture. Says he, “Unlike the general perception, the film is not about farmer suicides. Peepli Live is actually a film about the urban-rural India divide.”

By Koimoi Team



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