The YRF honcho Aditya Chopra is back from Italy with wife Rani Mukerji post their secretive wedding and honeymoon. The Chopra lad has the impression of a social recluse but still on his mother’s insistence, he agreed on having close family friends over for dinner.

According to a source close to Adi, the Chopra lad was against the idea of a reception but when his mom Pamela Chopra organized a dinner for her son and his new bahu Rani, he couldn’t disagree to it. The dinner was Senior Mrs Chopra’s idea and she keenly invited all close family friends over to introduce Aditya and Rani officially as a couple. Since no one got to be a part of the hush-hush Italian wedding, Pam Chopra thought this was necessary.

Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji Chopra
Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji Chopra

Aditya hosted the grand dinner which had a hefty guest list consisting of old friends of Adi’s and the Chopras’. Making entry were Anupam Kher with wife Kirron, Nitin Mukesh with wife as well as B.R Chopra’s grandsons Abhay Chopra and Kapil Chopra. Since Adi’s first cousin Ravi Chopra isn’t in good health, he couldn’t come for the dinner.

A leading daily reported that the newly weds looked delighted. Rani looked after each guest personally and the evening ended on a good note. Here’s Koimoi wishing Rani and Aditya a lifetime of happiness together.

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