Being a parent changes many things but it parenting seems to be getting Sanjay Dutt into shape as well. Whether it’s for films or family, Sanjay has decided to lay off alcohol and get a fit body for his upcoming films.

No Booze For Sanjay Dutt

Singer Mika Singh may have infamously kissed his way into fame but Kangana Ranaut isn’t helping him keep that reputation. The actress was asked to kiss the singer in a song in her film Tanu Weds Manu, but Kanagna flatly refused. We’re standing with Kangana on this one!

Lada Gaga manages to hit headlines with her whacky dressing style and her crazy videos, but ripping off covers is definitely something the singer did not want to get her name in. Sure looks like the cover for Gaga’s album, Born This Way, has had some inspiration from Kylie Minogue’s 2007 album 2 Hearts.

Kareena Kapoor can’t get rid of the other Kapoor in her life, and by that we mean Shahid Kapoor. The lady said that she was annoyed that the media still raised a hue and cry every time she interacted with Shahid though she is in a steady relationship with Saif Ali Khan.

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