Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha

Prakash Jha recently released the first look posters of his upcoming films Raajneeti 2, Gangaajal 2 and Satsang. He is one director who has never shown any hesitance in portraying the harsh realities on celluloid and by now we are all familiar with his love for guns, goons and majorly the land that boasts of it all, U.P.


The director, who shot to fame with his various attempts at unraveling the true nature of lifestyle in the North, unmissably the U.P, has often landed into controversies and we must say they have surely been beneficial for his films. Creating commercial films out of issues that are creating ripples in society is his passion and the film maker is unperturbed by the fact that he may not be a favorite of the censor board.

If films like Gangaajal and Raajneeti have spoken out in the open, the intricacies of the loopholes that our society is plagued with, the filmmaker has made sure they reach the masses in the purest of forms and thus, the bold nature of language used in his films has become a signature style. The director seemed to be on a work spree post his last film Satyagraha starring Amitabh Bahchchan, Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor that bombed at the box office and is now ready to bring some new issues to the fore.

While the sequels to Raajneeti and Gangaajal are in the pipeline, what really caught our eye was the first look poster of his upcoming film ‘Satsang’. Proving that he is not scared to portray something bold, the poster of Satsang which deals with the holy and spiritual scene in India, was quite a shocker. From the looks of it, the film seems to be based on the Naga Saadhus and this time Jha may have taken an interest into Allahabad’s Kumbh Mela.

Handling the religious beliefs of Hinduism this time, Jha is once again putting his hands into something that is likely to create controversy. What was quite shocking was the portrayal of herds of naked men on the poster. Well, clearly the director wanted it to make the news with it however in the larger interest we will not be sharing the poster on the site. You can check out the poster on!

This move of Jha certainly makes us wonder if the boldness is only a move to gain quick publicity and hit the headlines instead of just letting the content speak for itself.

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