Chitrangada Singh
Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh has pretty much tasted the true flavour of promotional exercise after being the industry for long now. With she along with Arjun Rampal and Sudhir Mishra painting the town red with the promotion of Inkaar, the film is all over already. While being overtly excited about the prospects of the film and promising good entertainment to the audience, Chitrangada gets going on Inkaar.


What is that is bringing so much excitement in your voice while talking about ‘Inkaar’?
The very fact that it shows people in a mode that they would operate and behave in the real world. The film is about these people who are living life on their own terms and how their emotions go for a roller coaster ride. Like when they are involved then it is one feeling but when they are away, they look at each other in an entirely different manner.

So how do you look at Arjun after working with him in the film?
The most special part about Arjun is that he brings in a lot of grace and intelligence to the character. Moreover, there is nothing predictable about the character that he plays on screen. When he says it so confidently in front of people that ‘Do you think I could ever sexually harass someone’, you almost want to believe it on the face value.

Well, on the face of it this seems to be an out and out dramatic outing. Does it stay that way or are there thrills and elements of suspense incorporated as well?
Yeah definitely, there is a lot of that. The most beautiful thing about it is the unfolding of story. Like how there are points in the film where Arjun seems absolutely wrong and then in the very second scene you think that I am right. Till the very climax of the film the suspense is held back and this is where the film’s win lies.

As for the suspense factor, do you wish to unveil truth around apparent similarities with ‘The Disclosure’? Really, are there any touch points whatsoever between the two films?
You are talking about ‘Disclosure’? Well, a lot of people are talking about it to be similar to Aitraaz as well. Yes, the topic may be similar but then when you would watch Inkaar, you would know how it is an absolutely different film. ‘The Disclosure’ was not so much about the love story but Inkaar has a lot more about that. Also, you see the whole predicament because while one of the characters wins and the other one loses, the fact remains that both have lost in the end. There is a beautiful message in there.

In that case how about scoring some wins in your new stint with the B-town? After ‘Desi Boyz’, you seem to have stayed low in signing newer films. Why is that the case?
Well, I am picking the best which is being offered to me and I am happy to do whatever I am getting. I need to be happy and convinced about what I pick. Having said that, I should be beginning my next film in April and an announcement around that is pretty much on the cards.

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