Manyata Dutt married Sanjay Dutt In February 2008 and since then the two have been inseparable. Sanjay calls Manyata ‘better half but best half’. Sanjay has been through a lot in life and Manyata has always been there for him from his lows to his highs.


When Sanjay and Manyata got married, Sanjay’s sister, Priya Dutt wasn’t really happy with his decision of marrying her and didn’t accept her. But that didn’t make Manyata give up on Sanjay and she worked the relationship religiously. Later, the Dutt sisters also accepted Manyata and we have often seen them chilling together.

Manyata Dutt
Manyata Dutt On Not Being Accepted In The Dutt Clan: “It Doesn’t Matter If It’s A Prostitute Or A Princess….”


Manyata has often been accused of a lot of things when it comes to Sanjay. She was also accused of taking over Sanjay’s life. In her defense, Manyata in an interview with IANS spilled the beans on his life and said, “I know, but what I want to say is that I’ve the right to live with my husband the way I want to. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a prostitute or a princess, a wife has certain rights in her husband’s home. I’m not a man living in a woman’s house.”

She further added, “Sanju knows I’ve tried to do as much in my capacity to find acceptance with his sisters. Beyond that, he wouldn’t like me to push myself to try any further. Neither would I.”

There were many people who said that Manyata married Sanjay for his bank balance. Reacting to the same, “Sanjay never understood the nitty-gritty of finances. And if he hasn’t accumulated a huge bank balance, it isn’t because he hasn’t earned money.

Furthermore, she added, “He did, but he lost all of it. There were too many people around him trying to use him. I came like a barricade in Sanju’s life to stand between him and those who want to use him. Naturally, these fair-weather friends resent me. I spoilt their party, you see”.

Manyata is a strong woman and we totally respect her for making bold choices in life and giving it back at people who tried to question them.

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