Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has raised a very potent point via his Twitter account. The director who is excessively active on the microblogging site emphasized that social media is fast growing into a place for cowards to express their opinions.


It is a norm that websites like ours and many more record comments of crazy fans who use inappropriate cuss words about stars, filmmakers, films and mostly our writers who often feel pressurized and cannot write freely due to the harsh comments its incurs.

“Social Media encourages cowards and haters to spout the most ugly things that they would never dare to say in real life to people face to face,” wrote Bhatt who has over 6 million followers. He continued saying, “There is no denying that the social media scene is spinning out of control & the law is incapable with this very modern form of incitement.”

More often than not articles and opinion columns end up as a battle ground and perhaps Bhatt has incurred some similar wrath of the Twitterrati for making scathing statements. If social media preaches interaction and free word, readers should encourage free speech and debate. (cuss-less please!)





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