Yeah you heard it right! Kamaal R Khan has become a part of syllabus now! Don’t worry you don’t have to study him but well it sure came as a surprise for some Public Relations students when they read their question paper.


Amongst other worldly interesting topics such as that of Malaysian Airlines crisis, there was a question asked on KRK and his controversies. The question read ‘Give at least three examples of how Kamaal R. Khan has engaged in social media fights with other celebs?’

Kamal R Khan's Controversies Posed As Questions For Public Relations Examinations
Kamal R Khan’s Controversies Posed As Questions For Public Relations Examinations

Wow! Who knew one would have to learn about KRK and his cocky antics on social networking. A Mumbai college found his actions relevant enough to appear in a Public Relations question paper and we are certainly very surprised by it.

In case you have forgotten any of his social media fights, here is a reminder of them all – KRK’s Star Wars

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