The Shree Rajput Karni Sena on Thursday denied any role in stone pelting on a school bus in Gurugram in Haryana over the screening of Padmaavat.


Speaking to IANS, Vijendra Singh, Karni Sena spokesperson, said: “Rajputs can never even think of attacking a school bus. This is a plot being created by politicians, who wish to weaken our peaceful protest.”

Karni Sena denies role in stone pelting on school bus
Karni Sena On Padmaavat: “Rajputs Can Never Even Think Of Attacking A School Bus”

“We have a history of leading from the front. We have never run away…,” he said, adding those who pelted stones were not known to anyone “and hence Karni Sena was being blamed”.

“No one saw who attacked the bus and yet we were blamed. Is there any logic in this immediate judgement?” Singh asked.


“Since the start of the protest, we have been calling for a peaceful movement. We have called for a peaceful janta curfew for today (Thursday) as well.

“We extend our gratitude to cinema hall owners who read our sentiments and didn’t screen the movie, he added.

“Rajputs can never engage in violence with the innocent. They can never throw stones. We strongly deny our role in any such episode.”

He also questioned the role of the electronic media, and said, “had the print media not been there, the electronic media might have killed the base of the fourth pillar of democracy by showing anything without verification.”

The Karni Sena has been protesting vociferously against and has demanded a ban on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmaavat“, which they say distorts history.




  1. Thats the point i guess, now if karne sena group have not attacked on bus and felt unusual for peoples blame for the crime they have never done, i think they should also understand how makers of high budget movie padmaavat have felt when karne sena group demanded a ban of movie saying that it shows a rajput in dark light, where movie only glorifies a rajput courage and pride. Karne sena should understand how padmaavat makers too might have felt for wrong protest for the crime they have never done and after so much of investment and hardwork. India with padmaavat


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