It's Shah Rukh Khan Vs. Kolkata Cricket Fans
It's Shah Rukh Khan Vs. Kolkata Cricket Fans

Star power that works on the cinema screens doesn’t necessarily work in the cricket arena. It’s anybody’s guess why the cricket fans in Kolkata kept away from the recent Kolkata Knight Riders IPL match held at Eden Gardens. Even though the star owner of the team, Shah Rukh Khan, was present at the match and the after match press conference, Dada (Sourav Ganguly), wasn’t a part of the team or the match at all. And for that reason itself, many cricket fans in Kolkata kept away from the match!


Sensing their problem, Shah Rukh Khan confessed that Dada was an integral part of the team and that he was welcome to be a part of all the KKR matches. But this statement of his is seen in contrast to last year, when after KKR’s defeat at IPL 3, SRK had said that “one team-member cannot be given more importance than the team”. The team-owner had later sacked Sourav Ganguly from his team.

What Shah Rukh did not know at that point in time, perhaps, is the fact that Kolkata’s cricket fans would pull their support for the team! No wonder, after a match that saw just about 30% of the stadium’s 60,000 seats occupied, the management has decided to slash ticket rates. To see who wins this war, we will have to wait and see…




  1. Sharukh, u are the biggest a****** & loser ever to be born in India. How dare u excluded the legend Dada from KKR. I, being a Calcuttan, has withdrawn the support from KKR and will never watch any of ur bloody f****** fims ever in my life. U are surely gone big time, and it’s time that all Kolkatans will f*** u hard on ur a**. Bloody SRK, u are gone..

    Hail DADA, JAY DADA!!!


    • Hi Sagnik,

      I know u r a die hard dada fan and so am i
      But think in cricketing terms then the move made by the KKR management was right.
      Y blame only KKR
      Y did no other franchise buy dada
      bcoz no one wanted him
      He has passed his prime
      I know he played well last time but times have changed and so has the pace of cricket
      One has to move on
      Dada was and will always be great
      And Srk rocks – he respects dada but he is more concerned abt his teams performance and he is right


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